Modern bathroom renovationsBath & Washrooms

On average, the bathroom is visited up to ten times in one day and the equivalent of 92 days of your entire life is spent in the bathroom. For all the time spent in a bath or washroom why not make yours the best? With the aid of Trugem Home Improvements, your bathroom can be made into an extravagant suite.

High End Basement renovationsHigh end basements

Whether your basement is renovated or just the concrete cell your builder provided, Trugem Home Improvements can transform your basement into a luxury penthouse.

Modern ceiling designsCeilings

Get the same feeling of amazement and wonder as looking at the sky by just looking at your ceilings. We, at Trugem Home Improvements, are experts in waffle and coffered ceilings. Our work will leave you staring at your ceilings for hours.

Fireplace modern designFireplace and Mantle

Heat up your fireplace mantel with exquisite materials and beautiful designs, adding a touch of custom work to your home.

Floor designsFlooring

Simply changing your floors can refresh the looks of your home. Trugem Home Improvements can help you through the process of changing your floors to any material you want and revitalize your home.


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